Competencies and skills are the basic building blocks of human capital management, and serve as the core element linking individual performance with overall business objectives.

Our project approach:

  • Clarifies roles and performance expectations;
  • Provides a gap analysis between the current and future skills needs of the organisation;
  • Builds a baseline upon which a sound Workplace Skills Plan and sustainable skills development can be built; and
  • Suggests personal growth opportunities;
  • Reduces risk and promotes fairness in selection and development.

Through our nationwide network of registered consulting psychologists and psychometrists, Litha- Lethu designs and delivers culturally – fair, skills auditing and competency assessment services to:

  • qualify recruitment and selection decisions and determine the best match between the individual and the job;
  • enable retention strategies;
  • support organisational design;
  • facilitate growth and change;
  • build competency menus;
  • assess leadership capability; and
  • enhance talent management, and succession planning.

Our competency-based assessments are: accredited, transparent, customised to client needs and proceeded by a comprehensive job analysis. This helps to identify critical leadership, managerial and administrative competencies unique to the job and to determine job-related success (job-fit).

The assessment process includes; a consolidated management report specifying talent pools, strengths, and potential development areas; and individual feedback, with a suggested development plan to address weaknesses and capitalise on strengths.