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Modern business practices are a result of the strategy and structure of an organisation. The strategy takes into account various factors that can significantly impact business outcomes such as competitive rivalry, political, social, and economic stability, an informed customer base and the advancements in the field of Information Technology...

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In competitive business environments, organisations strive relentlessly towards sustaining a superior advantage. This requires leaders to use proactive approaches and exploit opportunities. Globalisation and advancements in Information Technology (IT) have driven businesses to assess their existing practices and align them with the developments of the modern era. Consequently, driving...

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We know that employees are an essential component of any business. Organisations need to build a highly skilled workforce capable of enhancing their offerings to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. A skilled workforce is not only engendered through employing quality candidates, but also through the continuous development of...

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Whilst the fundamentals of leadership will not change, future leaders will succeed with a different skill set than those of today. In today’s rapidly changing and dynamic business world, future leaders must not simply solve technical problems, but they need to have a vision that inspires others to ensure that...

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