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Unions, Labour Relations and A.I.

Robotics, automation and artificial intelligence (A.I.) are transforming everything from retail to banking and the provision of medical care, impacting labour relations along the way. In addition to the emergence of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), the...

Artificial intelligence could well impact solid labour relations between unions, the workforce and employers.
Human Capital Management

Beating the Silly Season Slump

We have come to that ‘fun’ part of the year (also known as the 'silly season' due to light-hearted attitudes to activities) when the traffic seems to lessen, shopping malls become a hive of activity and everyone prepares to go on a well-deserved break. As the...

December holiday period, or silly season, is a good time to do planning for the new year.

Optimising automation – a threat or a blessing?

How can optimising automation and technology help businesses in our modern, globalised economy to differentiate themselves, evolve and adapt to stay relevant? From Finance to Sales and everything in between, the effort to maximise margins has led many businesses to...

Improving technology and optimising automation can impact human contribution.
Human Capital Management

Employee & Employer Rights

writen by André Claassen Employment relationships are built on trust and the rights of parties. Employees and employers have very specific rights in terms of common law and labour legislation. Balancing these rights is extremely important and pivotal to a fair and...

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