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“Litha-Lethu put significant effort into understanding the operations of the UIF, it’s challenges and people…”

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Litha-Lethu exhibited were able to deliver on the project with agility within the limitations of the Covid-19 lockdown, using a series on online engagements to deliver the work and maintain project momentum.

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Litha-Lethu proved its resilience and agility with the advent of the COVID-19 lockdown, completing the deliverables in innovative and sustainable ways, using a series on online engagements to maintain the momentum.

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Litha-Lethu deploys sound project management principles, adult methodologies, and communication strategies…

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“We have a good working relationship with the Litha-Lethu Consultants, they are always friendly and professional and have efficient turnaround times regarding delivery. “

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“Litha-Lethu also designed a communications plan for the duration of the project, to provide regular feedback for information and reinforcement. This was…”

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“Their delivery was of a strategic and operational nature, and met with our high standards and time frame anticipated.”

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“Associates of the service provider have conducted themselves in a highly professional manner and respond promptly to requests”