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Avoid brain drain – develop skills in your business.

Feb 26, 2017

Article by; Siân Dennis

A recent image shown above relating to what makes up contented employees was posted by Zelda Roscherr recently, and it got me thinking about the two extremes of the labour market.

On the one end are those people, generally younger in age, who stay with employers for as much as they can get within the short term (whether this is knowledge or remuneration). Then, at the other end, we find less confident (or maybe even less skilled) people who “hang in there”, because they are not sure if they will “make it” in the outside world.

Getting employees to remain in the company (even if they move from one post to another) is obviously far more beneficial and productive for the business.  But how many companies are really making an effort to train their staff so that their productivity increases yearly or more? Perhaps they are tired of training individuals who then leave for seemingly better pastures.

One of the approaches corporates could consider is providing an environment where staff can have a “career” within the organisation without having to exit. The introduction of sustainable skills development training programmes is a step in the right direction.

Peter van Nieuwenhuizen of the Growth Institute laments the lack of training in South African companies, which seems particularly bizarre, especially when one considers that our Government has made provision for the recovery of skills development levies through the implementation of training programmes. Perhaps its because the HR department isn’t talking to the Finance Department, as Deidre Constance noted in her comment to Peter’s post.  Yet again another case of silo operational management.

If you wish to know more about optimal skills development in your environment, follow this link to Litha-Lethu Management Solutions where you will find a selection of programmes  to help prevent that brain drain.