Human Capital Management and Development

Change Management

Employee participation and buy-in is crucial to ensure that the necessary change occurs with minimal disruption and that it yields positive, sustainable results.

Strategic Planning

To get the kind of business results you require for the company, means aligning all members of the organisation towards achieving the company vision.

Strategic Planning and Values Alignment

Litha-Lethu is licensed to use the c@ps system-a practical, interactive process to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, and encourage employees and other stakeholders to work toward strategic goals and a company culture based upon a collective set of values.

Change Management and Organisational Design

Continuous change is the reality of today’s organisations; major transformation is required more frequently to stay competitive. We have a unique view into what counts and what works when driving transformation. Mobilising stakeholders and building performance based, enduring and measurable improvement.

Human Capital Management and Development

Recent studies indicate that businesses with strong leaders are 13 times more likely to outperform their competition, and three times more likely to retain their most talented employees. Yet, only 18% of HR professionals reported enough bench strength to meet their companies’ future needs

About Our Company

Litha-Lethu Management Solutions is a niche consultancy specialising in sustainable, and credible transformation.

Our services range from strategic development and execution through organisational design, change management and human capital development assignments.

Litha-Lethu has a level 2 B-BBEE status with 125% procurement recognition.

The consultancy has a twenty-one year track record of building enduring partnerships with clients across both the public and private sectors to deliver insightful, organisation-appropriate, best practice solutions. A history of repeat business, client referrals and long-term contracts bear testimony to this approach.

We are POPI Certified

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