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Litha-Lethu provides full support for mergers and acquisitions from an HR perspective, highlighting red flags, planning and shaping the HR aspects of the transaction and providing a head start in integration planning.

Much of the value realisation in a merger or acquisition depends on the attitudes and behaviour of people involved in the target business. It is critical to gather people-related information to help evaluate current issues, which might diminish the current value, or impede anticipated value realisation post-deal.

Using a comprehensive model of the HR function, wide experience in day-to-day delivery of HR services and extensive industry knowledge; Litha-Lethu is able to provide organisations with a fresh approach to HR due diligence, function reviews and HR audits. We avoid the use of simple lists checking the presence of HR policies, processes, tools and techniques in favour of a detailed examination of how HR contributes to the success of the organisation.

Using a world-renowned model, Litha-Lethu’s due diligence audit takes stock of the degree to which HR delivers on its six key roles:

  1. The Strategic Role of HR
  2. Culture and Values
  3. Human Resource Development Systems and Procedures (HRD)
  4. Human Capital Management
  5. Human Resources Information Systems
  6. The role of Compliance in HR