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Strategic Planning

Litha-Lethu is licensed to use the c@ps™ system-a practical, interactive process to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations and encourage employees and other stakeholders to work toward strategic goals.

Change Management and Organisational Design

Continuous change is the reality of today’s organisations; major transformation is required more frequently to stay competitive. Litha-Lethu’s offering provides a unique view into what counts — and what works — when driving transformation.

Human Capital Management and Development

Recent studies indicate that businesses with strong leaders are 13 times more likely to outperform their competition, and three times more likely to retain their most talented employees. Yet, only 18% of HR professionals reported enough bench strength to meet their companies’ future needs. Looking for a strategic HR partner’ rather than just a ‘process expert’? Consider Litha-Lethu’s offering.

“The ability to execute strategy is more important than the strategy itself”

– Norton & Kaplan

To get the kind of business results you require for the company, means aligning all members of the organisation towards achieving the company vision.

Litha-Lethu uses a simple, effective and affordable process geared to optimise strategic planning, implementation and performance alignment known as c@ps™ (Compass Aligned Performance System) and ec@ps™, the online tool that works together with c@ps as an execution, monitoring and performance management system.

C@ps™ is facilitated through a practical, collaborative session which produces a one-page strategic plan for the organisation, together with supportive functional, divisional or team plans which all align with the overall strategy. Existing strategic plans or balanced scorecards can be incorporated into the c@ps™ model with ease.

Key outcomes include:

  • A common vision;
  • Improved executive time management;
  • Clear strategic focus at all levels;
  • A company culture based upon a collective set of values;
  • Focus on those areas needing the greatest improvement;
  • Measurable performance indicators;
  • Motivated and aligned self-directed work and project teams;
  • Tactics and actions to support the business goals;
  • The ec@ps™ web based management system enables the strategic plan, together with the individual performance plans, to be entered online. The system is designed to help your organisation execute against the strategy because the approved plans are monitored and results are achieved. The ec@ps online management system is deadline-driven, with email reminders being generated to alert users of looming or imminent requirements. Progress against strategic objectives is recorded, and managers have a complete line of sight (team and individual).
  • This holistic approach involves all the people in the organisation and enables them to see, and understand, the contribution they are making towards the fulfilment of the company’s vision. This leads to buy-in and ownership, as well as assuring skills transfer and capacity-building.