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Change Management doesn’t only apply to companies

Feb 26, 2017

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When you think of Change Management, does your mind automatically lead to HR or Organisational Development programmes when big initiatives are being launched by companies and if that doesn’t apply to you right now, you ignore any consideration of the topic?

Or do you remember that we are all exposed to change every day and we, as individuals, have to learn to respond to that change which occurs all around us.

It can be as simple as not being able to select your favourite brand of a grocery item on the supermarket shelf!  So now what? You either have to change your brand this time around, or you don’t get it now and have to come back another day, or you go elsewhere.  Whatever you decide, you have just experienced having change thrust upon you, calling for a revision of your mind set.

It works the same in business; whether you have to react to changes with a new boss or reporting structure, or whether you are given new responsibilities due to changes in the departmental structure.  Your approach to the work environment, the skills you currently possess and the way you manage those changes are all part of what is termed change management.

So don’t ignore the topic when it crosses your desk.  It could just be an opportunity to grow, improve your lot, help you to get rid of bad habits you’ve to which you’ve grown accustomed, or give rise to some new ideas which cause you to review the way you see certain things.

Liz Ryan, Contributor at is never at a loss for opinion. She brings to life this topic of change, with some focused answers to “the salary question” which one generally gets asked in a job interview.  This is one way you can change your approach, so that you don’t feel you are being put at a disadvantage.

Recruiters, we are sure you are aware that as consumers are becoming more vocal through the use and influence of social media, so too recruitment trends are changing. Interviewees are now doing a lot more of the interviewing!

Company HR and Strategy Executives, do you need to find someone to help you to manage the twists and turns for employees owing to a revision in strategy or new initiative in the organisation? Speak to your Change Management consultant.

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