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Why bother with Organisational Redesign?

Feb 26, 2017

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Why indeed? Should we be trying to fix something that doesn’t appear broken, or should we be seeking constant improvement in the way strategy is implemented?

Today, organisational design is made up of processes that people follow, the management of individual performance, the recruitment of talent and the development of employees’ skills.

All these need to bind together to ensure that everyone in the organisation is readied, and inspired, to execute and deliver a company’s strategic intentions. Redesign sounds good in the new strategy presentation, but the road is long and in large companies, the transformation can take years if the correct initiatives aren’t applied with priority and determination.

According to research conducted by McKinsey, less than 25% of such redesign efforts succeed, 44% run out of steam after getting started (I’m sure many of us have experienced this) and sadly, a third fail to meet objectives or improve performance after implementation. No wonder that organisational redesign is almost a swear word! Although these statistics do not include South Africa, there is no doubt that we experience similar challenges.

Thankfully, when you’re down, the only place you can look is up, so the prognosis for improved company health can be found. McKinsey believe that their “Nine Golden Rules” will assist to change the outlook on the matter, albeit that these rules are broadly relevant for different industries, regions, and company sizes.

Read the full article here and see whether their research feedback applies to your business and environment.

It if does, then please give me a call, as Litha-Lethu has always prided itself on delivering bespoke, sustainable transformation solutions to reduce the risk associated with costly redesign initiatives.