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16 365 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence the Abuse of Females (Women and Girls) by Males (Men and Boys)-a pandemic by any other name. In his speech on 11th January 2020, on progress in South Africa’s effort to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, President Cyril Ramaphosa reminded the nation that...

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The revelations of Mark Zuckerberg’s congress hearing on 11 April 2018 put the spotlight on privacy restrictions and the value of one’s personal data. However, 5 years prior to this historical exchange of unintelligible questions, evasive answers, and not so sincere apologies, the South African Government had compiled the...

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Organisational values are too often perceived as fluffy, nice ideas that offer no real bottom-line value. However, in today’s increasingly millennial-filled workplaces, this couldn’t be more wrong. According to the Cone Millennial Cause Study, 79% of millennials want to work for a company that cares about a bottom line other...

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Modern business practices are a result of the strategy and structure of an organisation. The strategy takes into account various factors that can significantly impact business outcomes such as competitive rivalry, political, social, and economic stability, an informed customer base and the advancements in the field of Information Technology...

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In competitive business environments, organisations strive relentlessly towards sustaining a superior advantage. This requires leaders to use proactive approaches and exploit opportunities. Globalisation and advancements in Information Technology (IT) have driven businesses to assess their existing practices and align them with the developments of the modern era. Consequently, driving...

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We know that employees are an essential component of any business. Organisations need to build a highly skilled workforce capable of enhancing their offerings to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. A skilled workforce is not only engendered through employing quality candidates, but also through the continuous development of...

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Whilst the fundamentals of leadership will not change, future leaders will succeed with a different skill set than those of today. In today’s rapidly changing and dynamic business world, future leaders must not simply solve technical problems, but they need to have a vision that inspires others to ensure that...

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Attracting, securing and retaining talent in the market has become a increasingly complex and costly task in modern times. A recent global survey revealed that up to 68% of HR professionals report problems filling positions, up from 50% in 2013. Recent research from the Allegis Group in December 2015...

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The Skills Development Levy (otherwise known as the SDL), is a tax imposed to encourage learning and development in South Africa. The funds are normally used to develop and improve skills of employees. This is a compulsory levy scheme for the purposes of funding education and training as envisaged...

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Robotics, automation and artificial intelligence are transforming everything from retail to banking and the provision of medical care. Along with the emergence of Big Data and the Internet of Things, the way we live and the way we do work are in for some very big changes. Historically, technological...

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